Nordcast OU is a manufacturer of aluminium and bronze cast components by sand and gravity die casting technology. Through partnerships with carefully selected subcontracting companies the foundry, located in northern Estonia, delivers its customers a full set of services ranging from the design of tooling to secondary processing and full machining of finished components.

Established in 2006, the factory has an annual casting volume of 400 tons. The customer being in the very centre of the company’s focus, Nordcast is known as a reliable supplier of quality semi finished aluminium castings.

The light metal castings produced in the foundry of Nordcast are Europe wide marketed to producers in machine building, electronics, automotive, furniture and other industries.

International Standards and Environment

The production unit of Nordcast, located in northern Estonia, is managed as per the requisites of the standard ISO 9001. The pursuit of the certification is scheduled to be completed shortly. The global demand for lightweight metal cast products has been growing sustainably. Cast aluminium is an extremely durable, yet lightweight metal. Aluminium cast components are recyclable when their useful life is over.


The size of an individual sand casting at Nordcast is relatively large and the production quantity per component is usually small or medium size.
The average weight of hand-farmed sand castings varies between 0.1 and 10 kg with a diameter of up to 3 meters. On special order items with weight up to 300 kg can be produced. Depending on customer’s requirements the castings can be supplied rough or with surface finish and further machining. Each set of components produced undergoes a thorough and documented inspection prior to dispatch ensuring thereby consistence in the supply as well as quality of products.

Production Process

The alloys are melted in electrical and oil furnaces and poured into furan resin bonded sand models at about 750C. The furan resin reacts with acid mixed with the sand at room temperature. The majority of the sand used in the production process is reused hence contributing to the environmental friendliness of the foundry’s nature. For gravity die casting permanent metal models are used.
The raw materials are obtained directly from certified material manufacturers and suppliers. The entire flow of the production is documented until the release of the ready-made castings for dispatch. Reliable partnerships have been formed with further processing companies for the secondary operations of the components – an additional service offered as per the necessity of customers.
Nordcast aims at constant improvement of production technology as well as quality and range of services being committed to offer its customers a long-term reliable partnership.